CFDs are products of margin trading. CFD trading involves a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.


Online Market Trading

The internet and technology has put trading on an exponential trajectory. Anyone with a computer online or a gadget with Internet access can trade the financial markets. It’s now more accessible than ever and it doesn’t look to be slowing.

What Markets Can I Trade On?

Through ATFX trading you can trade on all the most popular markets. Forex currency pairs, indices, сommodities, precious metals, oil, cryptocurrencies and shares are all ready to trade on your MT7 platform
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Trade the world's largest financial market. Including all the forex major currency pairs as well as popular minor and exotic pairs


Take both long and short positions on popular major global indices.


Speculate on popular commodity markets including precious metals and Oils.


Trade this exciting new asset class and access a selection of the most popular coins by market cap.


Trade global company shares . Take a CFD position on stocks like Apple, Amazon and more.


The basis of working FX is the possession of financial information. She does not hide from anyone and is served open. Since FX trading is based on currency exchange operations, it is important to predict which currency will fall and which will rise during trading. However, financial information is not always correctly and adequately selected, analyzed and perceived. Therefore, together with our team of analysts and finance specialists, we always with a high degree of probability predict the behavior of currencies, based on a high-quality selection of information, systematization of influencing factors and events, and comprehensive analysis.
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Exceptional execution

Fast and reliable. All operations with currencies are fully automated. This means that your transactions are executed without any refusals, adjustments or delays.
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Transparent pricing

All trading accounts use a transparent pricing model and highly competitive spreads.
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Functions and tools building advanced graphs

Take advantage of innovative tools including advanced charting, automated technical analysis, market commentary and trader sentiment.
The foreign exchange market is the world’s largest asset class and the most liquid market with more than $ 5 trillion in daily turnover. Foreign currency transactions create income opportunities regardless of market volatility.

You can access a wide range of trading instruments including all major currencies, minor currency pairs, as well as exotic currency pairs.


Commodities, which are often used to measure potential inflationary pressures on an economy, are subject to unexpected price fluctuations, creating new trading opportunities.

Contracts for Difference offered by ATFX trading provide an opportunity to conduct a wide variety of transactions with the world’s most popular commodities.

Diversify your trading portfolio: trade not only currencies, but also gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Precious metals serve as an indicator of the state of the global economy and are often used as a “safe haven” in times of economic uncertainty. Since market demand is not geographically specific, many forward-thinking investors trade in precious metals and commodities to diversify their portfolio and hedge their positions even when markets are down.

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One of the world's oldest forms of trade

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The commodity market is very important for the world economy.

Stock Indices

Stock indices are actively used in speculative operations in the world’s leading financial markets. They represent the weighted average of the securities of listed companies and create balanced trading opportunities in the global equity markets.

Indices like the FTSE 100, S&P 500, Dow Jones or DAX 30 are increasingly becoming part of the everyday language of trading and investing, and for good reason – their popularity is growing.

ATFX trading provides access to major stock indices around the world through competitive leveraged index CFDs.

This will allow:
– assess the situation and predict in which direction the market will turn in different regions and in the world as a whole.
– to carry out large transactions in the market for investors.


Shares, like companies, belong to one or another industry, which allows, following a certain industry, to successfully trade on a group of stocks, which are often singled out in indices, and which are an auxiliary tool for trading shares.

Reports of large companies and news about them can always be found in the public domain, which makes trading in shares more transparent.

Having started trading shares on ATFX trading, you will get everything you need for this.

Large selection of shares: a trader can always find those shares that meet his requirements.

Shares react more predictably to economic news, especially in the economic sectors section .

Fewer risks, which affects the technicality, predictability and smoothness of the shares.

Trading in shares allows you to achieve much higher profit margins with the least risk.

Subjective advantage: according to leading traders, the number of successful shares traders is an order of magnitude higher than in other markets.

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Efficiency analysis

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Minimal fundamental risks.

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Variety of trading instruments.

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Availability information.


Cryptocurrency trading is a profitable occupation. The rate of digital currencies can fluctuate by tens of percent per day, and therefore your capital can increase daily as a result of successful transactions.

The reward that a crypto trader receives for his work completely depends only on himself – how successful his investment strategy and successful operations will be, the income will be so high.

Choosing ATFX trading, you get this:

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An investment alternative to the usual trading tools
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Reliability and transparency of decentralized cryptocurrencies
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Prospective investments and risk diversification
Lack of influence on the exchange rate
from financial institutions
The course is determined by the level
of demand of participants in financial markets.
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